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Narratives of Our Life and Times
Narrative of Our Life and Times is a NYSLC arts learning project completed at Monroe County Jail. It was designed and developed as a means for incarcerated youth to reach out and share their thoughts and observations on their neighborhoods and their community. Dale Davis, NYSLC artist intern, Juliana Muniz, and Rochester City School District teachers, Charles Hetterich and Takisha Times, worked together with the youth on this project. Narrative of Our Life and Times was made possible with funding from the Guido and Ellen Palma Foundation, the Rochester City School District, the Office of The Sheriff, County of Monroe, and the New York State Council on the Arts. The New York State Literary Center thanks the City of Rochester, Rochester, New York; Rochester Public Library, Local History Division; and the Albert R. Stone Negative Collection, Rochester Museum and Science Center for permission to use the photographs. 


Click on the red dots for the youth on Rochester neighborhoods.
Click on the lower left corner to view The Readings.
Click on the lower right corner to view The Narratives.
(In The Readings and The Narratives, hover mouse over the right side of the page and click "Next" for the next page. Hover mouse over the left side of the page and click "Prev" for the previous page.)