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I Felt What I Looked Like


Today. I defeated my enemy and self-fear. The fear to openly express myself. I wrote about the great James Baldwin.


My life. A journal of our society by a minority. Being of mixed race, my emotions were stirred by Baldwin�s writing.


Stand up and be heard! Stand up and be proud!


Searching for answers, my purpose in life at the age of fifty-four. I search no more. I have freed myself from self-oppression.


Watching myself reading James Baldwin and my poems. A memoir of perseverance. I feared my mistakes and personal appearance. I saw it through somehow. I did it!


Both manhood and enlightenment are so eternal. So is my gratitude.


          Angelo Benitez, August 6, 2015


Seeing myself in the video has been one of my proudest moments, especially speaking on such as ongoing and important issue, Civil Rights. My peers and I contributed so much time and effort to effectively express the importance of James Baldwin�s role in the Civil Rights Movement and our lives as we live them today. Thank you for allowing me to really express myself. I am a Native Son.


          Victor Cotto, August 6, 2015


My view of how I saw us representing James Baldwin, Victor Cotto, Isom Hawkings, Angelo Benitez and me, encourages and embraces me with the passion of learning, the most important thing we as humans have.


My learning about James Baldwin has taught me to fight not with violence but with my voice, to stand up, speak out and heard.


I am very proud of the men I have worked with to present this project. To the leaders of this project I give my respect and honor, to Dale Davis, Charles Kurtz, David Shakes, last but not least the New York State Literary Center and the Monroe County Sheriff�s Office and the men with whom I worked Victor Cotto, Angelo Benitez, and Isom Hawkins,


          Aaron Hardaway, August 6, 2015


Having a program like READING JAMES BALDWIN 2015 is a way to educate us. It is a good way to spread the message and to show the talents of inmates.


                   Percy Jackson, August 6, 2015